Winter events 2019-20

The main 2019 festival is now over, but you can still book tickets for our opera:
8 & 9 February: BREMF Early Opera presents La Dafne by Marco da Gagliano
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Dafne and Apollo
BREMF 2020: E A R T H
Our theme for 2020 will explore the very topical issue of our own home planet; the music we have made in honour of its beauty and how sounds from nature have influenced people around the world from the dawn of civilisation onwards. We do, of course, also want to reflect the dangers affecting the well being of planet earth, and as a festival we are committed to leaving as small a footprint as we reasonably can.
Planning is still under way, but highlights will range from medieval music from La Fonte Musica to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony with Pocket Sinfonia; while The Four Faces of Gaia will feature live and filmed traditional and early music from around the globe reflecting the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

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Rameau's Pygmalion with Ensemble Molière, BREMF 2017

Affiliated BREMF ensembles

Performance and participation is at the heart of BREMF. We have three affiliated choirs, all of them dedicated to singing an extraordinary range of music from the 12th to the 18th centuries:

and a NEW orchestra for competent amateur players to further the understanding and performance of baroque music using instruments suitable for the repertoire.

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