Please note that this event will take place in St Martin's Church, Lewes Road, and not in St Paul's Church as advertised in the 2019 Festival brochure.

Eric Moulder director, rauschpfeife, shawm, curtal, crumhorn, recorders, bagpipes
Mary Mohan viol, recorders, voice, percussion
David Jarratt-Knock cornett, recorders, bagpipes, renaissance guitar
Jane Moulder renaissance winds, bagpipes
Tony Millyard hurdy gurdy, renaissance woodwinds, bagpipes, percussion

Winter, in the 16th century, could be a harsh time with long nights and little fresh food, but the Twelve Days of Christmas were filled with feasting, music, dancing, singing, games and revelry. PIVA will capture this flavour by playing and singing music of the period and telling tales from the time.

Festive treats include mince pies, mulled wine and fizz.

Prom Ticket/SP (on door only) £5